How modern lighting influences customer emotions and becomes part of brand positioning

AVA Tech, a specialist in professional lighting solutions for Retail, has prepared an interesting study on the relationship between lighting and consumer sentiment and loyalty.

Have you noticed how much we depend on the weather? On sunny days, we seem to be full of energy and glow with a good mood, and in gloomy autumn we traditionally surrender to boredom. With the help of the intensity of light, you can consciously increase or decrease the brightness of the experience. How is light able to influence the emotional state of a person?

The journal Consumer Psychology presents the results of research by Canadian scientists. They found a strong influence of light radiation on emotionality. To assess its impact, volunteers were asked:

  • taste chicken wings with various sauces,
  • pay attention to a stranger and evaluate his appearance,
  • determine how aggressive the fictional character is,
  • listen to words of approval and praise.

At the same time, during the experiment, the illumination in the room changed.

The results showed that the brighter the lighting, the more the volunteers liked the hot sauce, the character appeared dangerous and aggressive, and the strangers were rated as pleasant and attractive. Any word of approval with the increased brightness of the light was perceived with greater readiness and joy. It turns out that emotions of different shades intensify with increasing light intensity.

As a result of the experiment, scientists have come to a conclusion. In bright light, emotionality prevails over prudence. In situations where it is necessary to enhance the manifestations of emotions, you can achieve the desired result with the help of bright light. It helps marketers to influence sales and increase high-intensity purchases through the right spotlighting.

You can help your customer relax or, on the contrary, cheer up, inspire him, capture, surprise – whatever,
with the right lighting. But no matter what they say, our ultimate goal is to create a commercial environment that sells. And the feelings your customer has should be a reflection of your brand. It’s simple and difficult at the same time. Indeed, in order to control the emotions and mood of people, they need to be studied very well.

If you have a solid understanding of your target audience, you can get the most out of this knowledge. You have to understand what feelings you want to evoke in buyers with the help of this or that lighting solution. In this sense, the art of building commercial light is like theatrical, because a good director also puts light on the basis of what emotions he wants to evoke in the viewer. There is no ready-made solution for clothing or grocery stores, each store and brand is unique, so it is necessary to develop a lighting concept for each room and brand, taking into account the characteristics of the target audience and other characteristics.

Each target audience has its own requirements not only for brands, products, but also for the lighting of the sales area. Speaking about the connection between the target audience and the choice of lighting scenario, it will not be superfluous to recall the research of the Zumtobel company. The ultimate goal of this study was to get answers to two questions:

– do the lighting parameters affect the positive emotions of buyers,
– is there a universal scenario that will satisfy all buyers.


To answer these questions, the numerous physical reactions of buyers, which are transmitted from human brain waves, were measured using special equipment.

The participants in the experiment were divided by psychotypes into 7 target groups. To reliably compare how store lighting scenarios affect shoppers’ emotions, a 3D model of a clothing store was created, which gave the participants the illusion of being in the store.

Participants were shown 20 different lighting scenarios for a sales area in a random sequence, combined with 6 lighting parameters:

– Colorful temperature,
– illumination;
– distribution of light, flood and directional (accent)
– light distribution / radiation patterns (vertical and horizontal illumination)
– brightness contrast;
– contrast in color temperature.

The results of the experiment showed that there is no one lighting scenario that can match the preferences of all buyers equally.

But three main groups were identified, each of 2-3 psychotypes with similar preferences in the combination of light parameters.


First group: Calm, looking for harmony, family-oriented people.

Second group: Adventurers, risk-takers, adventurers, people with an active lifestyle.

Third group: People inclined to discipline and order, entrepreneurs, leaders, directors.

Each of these groups prefers radically different lighting scenarios. Some people prefer bright light with pronounced accents, others will like more diffused and calm light. Therefore, knowing your target audience is one of the basic components in the lighting selection formula.

Also, one of the most important advantages for choosing high-quality lighting is the fact that lighting affects the emotions not only of your customers, but also of your staff. Proper lighting doesn’t tire staff, doesn’t hurt eyes, doesn’t cause performance degradation, and you don’t feel like sleeping. The staff will more closely monitor the availability of goods on shelves, hangers and display cases. Sellers are in a good mood, advise clients more professionally, and non-verbally convey their good mood to the buyer, thereby leaving the buyer a positive impression of your brand.

Major Western brands have long been compiling their store lighting guides and manuals that become part of brand positioning. In such manuals, the parameters of the lamps and recommendations for their use for a specific brand are recorded. Light temperature, power, color rendering index, permissible ripple coefficient, information about the type of reflector, model of lamps and their location – far from all the information that such a manual can contain.

A lighting company with extensive experience and a highly qualified team can help in the preparation of such a lighting guide.

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